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AE Perspective was sought to redesign at 1990's era building into a innovative cancer center with the latest technology and equipment for improved patient care. This facility required a comprehensive, holistic re-design to insure the overall design intent flowed from exterior to interior. The exterior was improved to respect the context of adjacent buildings, now forming an affluent residential/office area. A new hardscape with benches and planters define the entrance and provide easier ingress/egress while establishing the woodland retreat motif and provides an area of respite. The interior was modified with new partitions as well as taking advantage of precast beams to give areas such as the lobby and waiting area a sense of semi-privacy and, taking advantage of the new landscaping, which, screens the area from adjacent buildings, brings nature into the waiting room with abundant trees, and shrubbery immediately outside the windows which also give natural light and a feeling of spaciousness. Additionally, moving from the lobby to waiting area and on to the sub-waiting spaces, exam rooms and treatment vault, the use of wood finishes at the floors and walls, as well as art work bringing naturescapes into the building reinforces the peace and serenity of a mountain retreat. Acrylic panels with embedded wood mask the sub-wait areas and are accented by Asian louvered doors for the changing rooms providing a warm ambiance.


Northside Cancer Center


Alpharetta, Georgia


April 2013

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